Web Design

I can create, design and manage personal or business websites, all to suit your needs, bringing your ideas to life.


With my unique perspective from Drawing, Photoshop and multi-platform Graphic Designs I can design custom; logos, banners, cards, flyers, and more.


Taking up photography as a hobby, I capture and edit photos of action, scenery, and objects, using them as content for multiple social media blogs.


This website will serve as a digital portfolio to unite my exploits, intertwining them with my CV

About Me

My hobbies and interests include; training, volunteering for surf patrol duty and completing new proficiencies at my local Surf Life Saving Club. I have also developed a growing interest in design, and in my spare time have been drawing, practising and experimenting with different kinds of design, photography, and photo manipulation.

James Taylor

James Taylor

Business Student, Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Surf Life Saver

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A collection of my media, in the form of a gallery.